Socio Economic Activities



1 BPL population
2 Percentage of BPL population
3 No of Houseless families
4 No. of Women SHGs
5 No of SHGs (PH)
6 No of SHGs (Street Vendors)
7 No of Town Vending Committes
8 No. of SLFs
9 No. of TLFs
10 No. of SHGs linked with bank credit
11 No. of Old-age pensions
12 No. of Widow pensions
13 No. of Disabled pensions
14 No. Of Weavers pensions
15 No of Toddy pensions
16 No of Abhaya Hastam Pension
17 No of HIV Pensions
18 Beedi Workers Pensions
19 Other Pensions
20 Vaddileni runalu (Amount)